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Make yourself at home, pick your poison, and I'll pour out my heart over drinks. 

Who is Ms. Laveaux? She is a performer. Singer/Songwriter. Poet. Actress. Victim of love (albeit a willing victim). Mistress of her own destiny. 
Simply put: A sparkling enigma wrapped in fishnets & sarcasm.

Listen to my music; connect with it, get lost in the moment, and add it to your own personal soundtrack. 

              Ms. Laveaux

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Show some love and check out www.becomingfab.com to see a how-to video for Red Velvet Cake featuring my cover of "Fever" - Thanks to Tranae for sharing! xoxo

Visit the fine folks at www.30asongwriterradio.com
to hear other amazing artists playing on 30A and around Florida's Emerald Coast...you may even catch yours truly as guest DJ!

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Elegant Alchemy (Heather Laveaux & Rebecca Akers) Homeless Benefit at Beal Street Music Hall January 7th, 2014